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Authors : Butler, Linda,, Lippert, George E.
Title: Taxonomic study of Collembola of West Virginia
Publication Info: West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.: West Virginia University Libraries

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Print source: Taxonomic study of Collembola of West Virginia
Butler, Linda,, Lippert, George E.

Morgantown, W.Va: West Virginia University, Agricultural Experiment Station
Bulletin No. 643T, 1976
Subject terms:
Collembola--West Virginia.
PDF: s127.e1no.643t

SectionKey to the Collembola of West Virginia Along With Areas and Habitats 
SectionGenus 1 
SectionGenus 3 
SectionGenus 4 
SectionGenus 6 
SectionGenus 7 
SectionGenus 8 
SectionGenus 9 
SectionGenus 10 
SectionGenus 11 
SectionGenus 13 
SectionGenus 14 
SectionGenus 16 
SectionGenus 17 
SectionGenus 18 
SectionGenus 20 
SectionGenus 22 
SectionGenus 24 
SectionGenus 25 
SectionGenus 26 
SectionGenus 28 
SectionReferences Cited 
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