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Authors : Colyer, Dale., Hedrick, Steven K.
Title: Socio-economic factors affecting beef production in West Virginia
Publication Info: West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.: West Virginia University Libraries

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Print source: Socio-economic factors affecting beef production in West Virginia
Colyer, Dale., Hedrick, Steven K.

Morgantown, W.Va: West Virginia University Agricultural Experiment Station
Bulletin No. 610, 1972
Subject terms:
Beef industry--West Virginia.
PDF: s127.e1no.610

SectionSocio-Economic Factors Affecting Beef Production in West Virginia Stephen K. Hedrick and Dale K. Colyer 
SectionObjectives and Procedures 
SectionLinear Programming Analysis 
SectionCharacteristics and Opinions of Beef Producers 
SectionGeneral Characteristics 
SectionNumber of Cattle 
SectionFeeding and Market Prices 
SectionCosts and Income 
SectionReasons for Raising Beef Cattle 
SectionAdvantages of Handling Beef Cattle 
SectionDisadvantages of Handling Beef Cattle 
SectionFactors Affecting Numbers of Beef Cattle on Farms 
SectionReasons for Handling Fewer Cattle 
SectionReasons for Handling Same Number of Cattle 
SectionFarm Potential for Beef Cattle 
SectionComparison of Beef with Other Enterprises 
SectionSkill Required 
SectionFarmer Success 
SectionSteady Income 
SectionIncome Per Dollar Invested 
SectionInformation about Beef Cattle 
SectionPerson or Agency Contacted about Problems 
SectionDiscussion of Beef Cattle Farming 
SectionAttitudes and Motivations 
SectionRegression Analysis 
SectionRisk Aversion 
SectionEconomic Motivation 
SectionScientific Orientation 
SectionComparison of Beef and Dairy Farmers 
SectionLiterature Cited