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Authors : Patrick, Homer., Whitaker, T. R.
Title: Plasma amino acid method for determining protein quality
Publication Info: West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.: West Virginia University Libraries

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Print source: Plasma amino acid method for determining protein quality
Patrick, Homer., Whitaker, T. R.

Morgantown, W.Va: West Virginia University Agricultural Experiment Station
Bulletin No. 605T, 1971
Subject terms:
Proteins in animal nutrition.
PDF: s127.e1no.605t

SectionA Plasma Amino Acid Method For Determining Protein Quality  T. R. WHITAKER and H. PATRICK 
SectionLiterature Review 
SectionExperimental Protocol 
SectionIntubation Procedure 
SectionFood Passage 
SectionAmino Acid Analysis 
SectionResults and Discussion 
SectionPurpose of the Study 
SectionAmino Acid Evaluation of Test Proteins 
SectionThe Relationship Between Food Passage and Appearance of Plasma Amino Acid Changes 
SectionDietary Protein as a Source of Plasma Amino Acid Increases 
SectionAmino Acid Transport as a Control of the Plasma Amino Acid Increases 
SectionThe Plasma Amino Acids Reflect the Amino Acid Composition of Dietary Protein 
SectionPlasma Amino Acid Index (PAAI) 
SectionThe Advantage of Using PAA Index to Determine Protein Quality