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Authors : Kuehn, John P.,, Wilson, E. Maclellan.
Title: Cost analysis of the livestock auction markets in West Virginia
Publication Info: West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.: West Virginia University Libraries

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Print source: Cost analysis of the livestock auction markets in West Virginia
Kuehn, John P.,, Wilson, E. Maclellan.

Morgantown, W.Va: West Virginia University, Agricultural Experiment Station
Bulletin No. 600T, 1971
Subject terms:
Livestock--West Virginia--Marketing.
PDF: s127.e1no.600t

SectionWest Virginia Board of Regents
SectionWest Virginia University Advisory Board
SectionThe Authors 
SectionSummary and Conclusions 
SectionA Cost Analysis of the Livestock Auction Markets in West Virginia  E. MACLELLAN WILSON and JOHN P. KUEHN 
SectionStatement of the Problem 
SectionResearch Method and Source of Data 
SectionLivestock Marketing Research in West Virginia 
SectionCharacteristics of Auction Markets in West Virginia 
SectionAuction Ownership 
SectionAuction Market Facilities 
SectionReceiving and Loading Facilities 
SectionPens and Alleys 
SectionHandling and Care of Livestock Before Sale 
SectionSales Room 
SectionSale Characteristics 
SectionLivestock Auction Costs 
SectionEstimation of Livestock Conversion Coefficients 
SectionComparison of Regression Coefficients with Actual Auction Fees 
SectionAnalysis of Cost and Volume Data 
SectionSeasonal Variation in Livestock Marketing 
SectionStratified Unit Cost Comparisons 
SectionBack Cover